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Natasha started her punk designing career in 1977 at a clothing store called “REVENGE” it was in the East Village off St. Marks Pl. in New York City. This was the beginning of the birth of punk. When you walked into “REVENGE” you were greeted by the blaring music of The Dead Boys, the Ramones, Elvis Costello, the Sex Pistols and others.

People would come in just to hang out, listen to music and find out where everyone was going that night.

The “REVENGE GIRLS” as they were called, were kind of a gang of girls, we were about seven punk girls that ran the store and were out on the scene every night. Either at Max’s Kansas City, or CBGB’s. They knew everyone that was anyone.

Natasha, was the in house designer and would make clothing out of zippers, spandex, leather and vinyl. She was inspired by comic book heroines especially Vamperella, you can see the influence in her vampsuits. The spandex pants became the staple for girls and guys for the next 10 to 15 years and started a major trend in stretch clothing.

The media started to catch on and everyone wanted to photograph them. Everyone in the punk scene was bombarded by press. All of the unsigned bands that played CBGB’s were getting signed. This was a great time in Natasha’s life.

She then moved to her own self-named store on St. Marks Pl. with the financial help of then boyfriend George. The store was an instant success, with Dave Street, The comic from the gutter, behind the counter.

She got a lot of media attention on T.V in newspaper and magazines. ( you can view all the press on our news page) She did the first punk fashion shows at The Mudd Club, Dancateria, The Limelight, and Hurrahs. Now all legendary clubs. Club people, local and famous musicians wore her clothes she made Joey Ramones leather jacket, Debbie Harry of “Blondie” wore her dresses. The green leather suit that she made for Frank Infante of “Blondie” is now hanging in The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Famous celebrity’s came in her store and her clothing would end up in videos on MTV and in the press.

Her signature was unmistakable. Anyone who saw someone wearing her clothing knew it was a “Natasha”.

Friends and musicians would come in and hang out at her store; Dee Dee Ramone posed and took some photos wearing some of her men’s clothing. “The Misfits” then a new band would come in and hang out; we were the first to carry their Tee shirts. They became good friends, “Natasha” headquartered their first” Fiend club” at her loft on 27th St.

Her store stayed open until the late 80’s. Punk was changing it was time to move on……………………………..

In Memory
Linda Lust




Has resurrected Her trend setting Punk Clothing that inspired a generation of sexy, bold, and fiercely anti-fashion young rebels who conquered the music scene in the in the late 70’s and early80’s. Inspired by the new Punks and Goth Of the new millennia, and creating the same on the edge looks that made her an icon in the Punk scene. Her new anti-fashion reflects the underground of today’s music and artistic rebels. Today as then you’ll be unmistakable when you wear her looks out to a club clothing or a concert or anywhere. You’ll make a statement, every time that you put them on.………….

Natasha, Clothes that reflect your rebellious side.





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